Step by Step Piano Course the Fun Way Step 1

Step by Step Piano Course the Fun Way Step 1

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The Step by Step Piano Course The Fun Way 1 provides a very sound foundation for reading, understanding and position shifts.

It enables teachers to develop musicianship, finger technique (strength, independence, perfect legato and staccato, gradation (sharp contrasts of loud and soft first, and then getting louder and softer), recognition of basic key concepts, reinforcing reading in familiar keys with advances in other concepts (either tone, articulation or addition of new skills) and a clear feel of rhythm using familiar tunes and enjoyable talk about integration of theoretical and aural aspects. It is also hoped that with the familiar tunes parents also know, support and encouragement, so vital during these early stages will be given by them. This basic firm and Step by Step concept gradually frees out into the Classical world of styles and interpretation, not forgetting that major part of Fun Pieces still included at the back of every book for the enjoyment of the children and parents. CONTENTS: Play And Count / A Duple Feel; Jumbo Plays C And D; Play And Sing; 4 Little Tunes On C, D, E; Quadruple Feel/Let s Count Four; Papa, Mama, I Love You; Learning My C D E/Mary Had a Little Lamb; Play And Sing; Play And Count Aloud CD And CB; When I Learn A New Note; Saya Suka Main Piano (I Love To Play The Piano); Membaca Dan Menyanyi (Reading And Singing); Tangan Kiri (Left Hand); Mr Right And Mr Left; Waltzing; (Fun Time Together)/Both Hands Now!; My First Tunes (with hands together); (We Go To School Together); How Are You?/Joy On The Piano; Mary Had A Little Lamb (with hands together); The Acrobat/Kawan Saya (My Friend); The Chimes; London Bridge/The Train; Down The Steps/Kuching Town; Good Morning/Goodbye To You; (Little Kitten)/Ding Dong Bell; Old MacDonald; Yankee Doodle; Clap Your Hands If You re Happy; Thanks Giving Hymn; Chan Mali Chan (Folk Tune); Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; I Love Music/The Fair; Papa Haydn; Hello Hello/The Stairs; I Am A Little Tea-Pot; Bingo; C-O-C-O-N-U-T; Lightly Row; I Saw Three Ship Go Sailing By; Polly Put The Kettle On; Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?; Little Ants; Come, See What I Can See!; Ten Little Indians/Skip To My Lou; Perfect Posture; Baa Baa Black Sheep/Clementine; Two Clean Hands/Barney Song; Blowing My Trumpet; Come, Sing And Dance Together; A Ring Around O Roses; Hush, Little Baby; Hear Our Drums; O Come All Ye Faithful; Fun Time Together/Playtime; Jingle Bells; We Wish You A Merry Christmas


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Publication Date2014/01
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